17 May 2013

The Edmonton Wayfinding Project

As of May 16, the group that assembled to begin work on Pedway mapping (13 people at the first meeting, and about 35 emails of interest -- this project has touched a nerve) has decided to begin work on a wayfinding pilot project focused on improving signage, data collection, online features and design in a downtown Edmonton location.

The group will now work under the title of The Edmonton Wayfinding Project with the intention of branding the project further. We invite all interested people to join us and support us. We have a core team of talented, smart and engaged people but we'd love more lateral thinkers, wayfinders, mapmakers, artists and activists to get on board to help us with our important and fun work.
Our group will soon have a website in place to exhibit the work that we've already accomplished, explain some of our future goals and to further the conversation in Edmonton about urban wayfinding. This conversation, it must be said, is woefully behind the times. Our group, while being a friend of the city, is aiming to be an agitator for change and improvement. We are not asking for permission to improve wayfinding. We're doing it.

Get involved. Email me: qonfusion@yahoo.com


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